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Things White Gay Guys Say To Black Gay Guys

Swiped from these two Tumblr posts here and here.

And in case you're wondering how accurate these posts are, I for one can tell you (and if you've read this blog for a minute and have read about my outings in the gay community) that not only have all of these been repeatedly said to me in some form or another, but most of them have been in one setting.

So in case you're wondering why I will fight for LGBTQ rights but have absolutely no love for the gay "community," well if you don't know, now you know.

“Would you mind if I held you down and called you my little nigger boy while I fucked you?”

“You’re cute-ish. Two genes away from monkey cute.”

“I love fucking black guys…they’re like animals, you know?”

“This site is obviously not for niggers. Don’t you read?”

“Would you be offended if I called your cock “niggercock”…?”

“I don’t date black guys. Only for like sex and stuff.”

“Haven’t you taken the hint? We don’t take nigger gays on our site!”

“I can’t wait to come to Brooklyn and fuck you…you’re gonna like it when this sweet white daddy fucks the shit out of your black bitch ass.”

“Is it true all Black guys have big dicks?” *lowers eyes to your groin*

“Not to be racist but….I’m not really into Black guys, sorry.”

“I once dated this Black guy, he had this HUGE cock.”

“I feel that the black community is keeping LGBT people from achieving our full rights as citizens. It’s like the New Civil Rights Movement!”

“Gay is the New Black!”

“You’re really cute for a Black guy.”

“The f-word is just as bad as the n-word!”

“I love Beyoncé! Aren’t I, like, an honorary Black now?”

“I think homophobia has more consequences than racism.”

“Hey, sista gurl!” *z-formation snap*

“Ohmigod, her tracks are a hot mess!”

“I don’t date Black guys. I only have sex with them. Haha, I’m kidding! But, really!”

“Look at this heffa, here!”

“I like black guys, but only if they’re mixed. It’s just a preference, not racism.”

“Just because he wouldn’t let you and the other 34756345638475 Black guys into his club, doesn’t mean he’s a racist!”

“There were these Black guys in the library acting, like, you know, the stereotypical N-word!”

“Mmm, yeah, fuck this white boy-pussy with that big cock you big black daddy”

“EW, he’s colored!”

*cocks her head*


There's no way anyone can be that stupid while being in a minority themselves. It's just not possible.

(i want my innocence baaaaaaack....)

It's mind-boggling, isn't it?

It's just...I am so frakking NEW in gay community and I am not really even active, despite being gay, so I am literally feeling like something has been broken inside my head while I read this. It just doesn't make any sense!

It's just so...frak.

Never underestimate the ability of *any* human to be grossly stupid. But this BS takes the freakin' cake.

It takes the whole damn dessert cart!

Not surprised in the least. White gay guys have said more racist things to me than any other group of people in my lifetime -- all because they were making a "joke", and there is "no way" they could be racist because, well, they're gay! Amirite?


"What are you [mixed with]?"


I found myself mentally screaming, "WHAT THE F*CK?!" for every last one. Especially the first one. O_O

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For what it's worth, I'm sorry and furious that any
of these things got said to you or anyone else.

I get all of those, frequently.
hell, when the guy I've been seeing now gets drunk enough, he admits my ethnicity is a turn on.

He's not as bad as this one guy a few years ago, but still.

And last week, this one submissive in a kink group I'm in (also in his cups) was fascinated by my presence in the local group, as there aren't many of us (I met one A_A woman, formerly of NOLA, at one of these nights, and for that matter, one Asian guy, and I've been involved with these folks almost a year).
He later admitted to crushing on me, and was all up in my sex life, wondering if I dom my partners with some of that dirty talk above. I suspect he wants me to do it to him, and I'm not really into that. Kinks are kinks, i guess, but I find it dumb.
Anyway, since I think he's cute, and clever when sober or on other topics, I friended him on the kink social network, and he hasn't responded, so I think he remembered what he'd said when he sobered up, and is too embarrassed to talk to me. ;-P

I swear, these white men are just as fascinated with black men and our dicks as white women are alleged to be.
Works for me, I guess, but I'd rather be liked for me than what I represent.

... words fail me.

This is like the fail from Dan Savage over Prop 8, even his stupid little joking of "Well, I've had black guys hold me down" on the Colbert Report, but times a gazillion.

The only thing that comes to mind is that it feels as though they're using their own lack of privilege to give them carte blanche to say the vile, bigoted shit they're spewing in those posts.

At least this gives me more examples of how the lack of privilege in one area can result in privilege in other areas.

I know, mentally, that none of this should come as a surprise and I shouldn't feel shocked, but that very first line was like a slap in the face. I don't want to know what the rest of them are... I think I'll come back to read them later.

So... these are all real? Excuse me while I cry for humanity... I'm so sorry that you've had to experience any of this. Ugh.

Honestly, I have noted numerous times that white gay men aren't, as a whole (and I hate to generalize), the most open-minded people. I've seen/heard plenty of misogyny, transphobia, racism, every-other-ism from them. Even when I was in female same-sex relationships, I've experienced hostility. It's... unnerving.

I have to wonder if some of them think that it's okay to say racist things because they're oppressed as well (obviously in completely different ways and on a different level). Like... "well, I'm gay, so I know what it's like, and it's not racist if I say it." Except that it is. Obviously.

*hates the world*

That second site is really difficult to read.

Um, WOW. On behalf of white people everywhere, I'm embarrassed and sorry.

I would support you if you did this, and if you needed bail money afterwards, holla atcha boy.



P.S. yeah, and I heard some of the same ridiculous shyte from white women too.

No, officer, I have not met anyone by the name of neo_prodigy. This is the first time I've heard of this incident. No, officer, absolutely certain I never met the guy. I'm a bit concerned about this line of questioning. Are you trying to say that all Black people know each other?


b... th...


*head in hands*

How do they concentrate so much FAIL into so few words? Just... WHUT?

Wanna bet these are the same white gay guys who hate women, sometimes especially, bizarrely enough, lesbians?

You know this is why I'm going to miss seeing your entries so much. The humor. The truth. The outspokenness. The courage.

How the hell anyone thinks saying ANY of these to anyone is even slightly okay or justifiable with "I was joking" is ridiculous.

And the comments on the Womanisting site where this was posted made me want to hurt people. I know everyone always says "don't read the comments," but... yeah. I made a mistake. D:

*has no other words to say, except for the icon showing how she feels*

Wow. The ignorance and closed-mindedness of some people blows my mind. Racism, prejudice, i just don't understand it. How could ANYBODY, regardless of orientation, SKIN COLOR (we're all human, we're all the same race in my opinion, dammit), ever think this is acceptable to say to somebody? It's like nobody thinks before they speak anymore.
"I only have sex with black guys, I don't date them"
"He's pretty cute - for a black dude"
I hear that from some of my (white) girlfriends and gay friends all the time. And as a straight, white female, I don't know what to say. What does being black have anything to being attractive, or the kind of person they would be in a relationship? I don't find all black guys attractive. But i also don't find all white guys attractive. It makes no difference to me. I wish people didn't even have to mention the word "black" when describing a person. It doesn't define them. Sure, their skin color, ethnicity, etc. is a part of them in one way or another, but it shouldn't be a factor in ANYTHING mentioned in this post.
Stay strong, man, you have a lot of support behind you, and I hope this stops someday.

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