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No Commentary On This

Several peeps have noticed that I've been a bit silent with some of the latest developments going on in comics. So I figured I'd use this post to address them.

1) Yes, I've heard about DC's latest bout of bitchassness crying about how they can't find women storytellers.

2) Yes I've heard about my boy Lawrence Fishburne landing the role of Perry White for the latest Superman film and yes I'm aware that the pearl-clutching has already commenced.

3) Yes I've heard about the new Ultimate Spider-Man being half black and half Hispanic and already white fandom has lost its gawd damn mind.

And no I will not be doing any in depth analyses on any of these issues because quite frankly, I'm simply out of spoons and fucks to give.

While a Perry White and Ultimate Spider-Man of color are nice, I'm sick of this assertion that the only way audiences will accept POC superheroes is if they take on identities already pioneered by white characters.

I'm sick of DC & Marvel hemming and hawwing and teasing and mocking diversity, fucking it up and not actually giving it a decent chance, then blame inclusion of minorities for their failure. They keep forgetting that we've seen this song and dance before. Otherwise Storm, Shuri, Connor Hawke, Cassandra Cain and others would still be major players in the here and now.

I'm sick of white creators and fans alike attacking POCs and expecting queers to be their poseable fuckdolls and then think they're entitled to social justice ally cookies.

A good buddy of mine said it best, "Because in this world, there's white fandom, and then there's POC fandom. The future, the money, and the longetivity all reside in POC fandom, and I'm beginning to think that some of these white (and especially non-American, unsurprisingly) writers are catching onto that."

Case in point: The BBC. Say what you will for Torchwood, Merlin, Being Human, and other shows, they've picked up on that fact that tokenism isn't enough and that characters of color in leading and prominent roles leads to success for a franchise.

So today will be spent re-reading Midnighter, Cassandra Cain's run on Batgirl, reading my favorite arcs featuring my goddess Storm and tonight I'm going to watch the Black Panther DVD. While YOU ALL watch comics and American media in general continue to die a slow and painful death.


Take care, Neo. I hope you recover the spoons you need.

All that sounds perfectly good to me. I hope you enjoy reading good, well-written works and watching good DVDs. ^.^

My headache is even worse now.

That pic in the first link? That blonde Wonder Woman's legs appear to be made out of some kind of smooth white plastic. D:

I didn't even hear about Laurence Fishbourne as Perry White, but I'm not surprised that draws are getting bunched. As for the Blatino Spiderman - I am on the fence.

I'm not going in depth about what I post, but here's the link:

I'am starting to think that Miles the Blatino Spiderman will end up like Cassandra Cain.

That is my biggest fear! Right up there with 'will they do his character justice, or bleach old stereotypes to make themselves appear progressive?'.

Marvel: Yes we have a black spiderman (fandom cheers) that will shut them up. Now back to helping Disney resurecting Hitler

That's just it. They keep acting like this promise of a new day in diversity is something new but they've been doing this shit for a hot minute. They did it in the 90s and they did it 5 years ago. They keep making promises and they never follow through so after awhile when we call bullshit, they wanna act shocked because we don't believe what they have to see.

^Which is why I'm on the fence. A small part of me wants to believe that this will be meaningful, and should be celebrated, but the overwhelming cynical majority of me is saying, "Yea, that's nice." in a 'Meh' fashion.

Seen it happen in comics and in television so many times. I guess I'm burned out.

you they are going to bring back Peter Parker and do the Cassandra cain all over agian.

Have a good day relaxing with good stuff, dude.

I've got a rant incoming on all of this, I'm just having trouble putting it together.

Also, here, I think this would make for a fine wallpaper for your computer, dude.


Cass Cain, rocking it out on her motorcycle.

right click lick..saved ;)

Not much of a secret identity, is it? LOL

I can't wait to read/see it.

I'm totally colorblind when it comes to race -- OMG HOW CAN YOU MAKE SPIDERMAN HALF BLACK!!!!!


I'm about to demand some Dwayne McDuffie from my local library system, entirely on your recommendation. (I suck at traditional comic buying, but love trade paperbacks.) Any volumes I should look out for in particular?

Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool

Badass doesn't even begin to cover them.

I getcha, Denny...

I really wish DC & Marvel, and the rest of the industry would stop saying, and showing through their actions "Here! Here's a POC character! Here's a character that is gay!" In response to masses of people genuinely concerned. The companies seem to not actually care. Besides tokenism, they just sloppily throw us characters without actually making them into real three dimensional human beings. Even when three dimensional characters that are women, POC & other ethnicities, & LGBTQ's are introduced by those that care, the people on top still try and find ways to rid of them later on. And that pisses me off to no end.

Edited at 2011-08-05 05:18 am (UTC)

I have that problem with some of the POC heroes in media. Instead of saying "look we're diverse" actually put diversity without patting ur selves on the back. (side eyed his first 2 volumes of the Runaways and regretting the fact that he read them.)

But I bet you if Mr. McDuffie or a POC writer for matter had did something like this, all of the white people will be up in arms. Saying that he's pushing an agenda. Now then again if a white writer did it. The will be kiss each others butt and expect to audiences to follow.

What if it fails, despite people liking him? They'll say that it hard to write him and throw him under the bridge and they will forget about him.

I actually went and purchased the whole Midnighter solo run and was planning on reading it tomorrow. Great minds think alike.

Neo sorry for my dryness/sarcasm in this post/reply. It's not directed at you.
I'm a lazy girl yes I am. Copypasta below
My replies to the initial post I saw from bleeding cool in my facebook feed

Bleeding Cool Wrote as there title to the article
"We have an African-American president, so why not an African-American Spider-Man, too?"


I dont like the tag line to this article. It makes seem like being black is a fucking novelty when in fact it's a racial and ethnic identity.
It also implies tokenism.
"Hey the president is black lets have a black this to"

It would be honor to see a POC in a lead comic book role, lets concentrate on the ones already created and boost them to the limelight

Lets see how long Marvel keeps Miles around as well. I'm not holding my breath. I will gladly eat my words if they do not eventually kill him off and bring Peter back. Mind you it's the Ultimates universe, but almost as important as main Marvel U. I'm watching you Marvel as well as other POC's and Afro Latinos and African Americans alike. You better do a damn good job of portraying Miles as a you do your precious Peter Parker.

a day later everyone shrows how blatantly racist they can be party on the internet.. Oh wait.... yeah that's everyday X-D

Then I gave an opinion on another friends feed to shut some bullshit down before it started and well that was moot but I'll share anyway for your lols

I have mixed feelings. I can understand that comic book companies would like more modern diversity to make a more realistic attempt to reach out to todays contemporary readers. Im all for giving an ethnic face for young children of color to identify with as a positive influence and hero. But I hope he does not get killed off. At least to quick. I would like to see him as Spidey for a good decade.
Secondly I'm annoyed to see on various message boards that people are claiming a Black Spiderman is there for PC reasons....
Really , he's from New York City.....Is it that much of a stretch that a hero of Ny Ny be a person of color? Another thing I been seeing wank over him being Latino/Hispanic and Black..Again it's Ny Ny, is that a big stretch ya'll. For those not in the know, South America had the largest investment in the African slave trade in the western world. You have black of African diasporia from Puerto Rico, Cuba ( my Afro Cuban stepdad) Brazil, Panama, Dominican Republic , the list can go on. Being of black and latin background is all to true. My own grandmother on my dad's side is half Mexican.
Lastly I wish Marvel had paid more attention to the minority characters already established and paid more attention to them. There are plenty of POC characters that have not had enough stories told about them just simply cause the authors are lazy and do not study up on the typical African American, Hispanic,Asian American lives without dipping into typical oppressive stereotypes and tropes. So they shy away from these characters afraid to offend. That's lazy writing.
Then again Marvel as a company has a better track record IMOP with taking care of POC characters than DC.Way better. So yes, I dont agree with how they intyroduced him cause now it's caused a widespread wank war with people making veiled rascist jabs hidden behind the reasoning of Marvel is trying to get politically correct.

That's funny, you create/introduce a black character to a known white characters legacy and it gets labled by the masses trying to be PC.

No that's not PC. What would be PC is being mindful how you portray that POC character and be mindful of not making a mockery of he or she with preconcieved stereotypes of linking ethnic and racial identity .

Part 2 in second comment, LJ just smacked my hands for long ass comment is long

You better do a damn good job of portraying Miles as a you do your precious Peter Parker.

From what I hear about the more recent Peter Parker story lines, well... :p


-Then some asshole proceeded to reply

Are they trying to play their diversity cards with one character? Half black, half Hispanic, potentially gay. Bendis is one of the main reasons I ended my relationship with Marvel. Every few months he writes the equivalent of a cat positioning it's balloon knot directly in your face.

Ahahhaha yes we all know the second phase of calling out white privilige and your afraid of loosing your privileged credo with the POC in your face breaking it down/addressing about all the goddamn wank filling the topic at hand.

I was bored , I played that game all day yesterday. Most of the time I just didnt even engage. Shit always falls on death ears.

Can you link me to the blog.

This is the main reason why I side look the Runaways comicbook. It was mad on how it began and still mad.

It was a facebook blog, and I rather not. Not that I don't wanna share, but when I posted this, I kept names out for a reason and I rather respect there privacy for now.

BUT the bleeding cool facebook page....... lol go back 2 days ago and look up spiderman.. yeah there is FAIL all over the place

ok, not much of a facebook person (just used it to get in here), but I bet a lot of racefail is coming out of the woodwork. I bet you that people are raging mad.

I just saw a comment on Tumblr where someone was complaining that white children don't have anyone in comics to relate to.


oh when a white guy does the following.
Masters Wu Shu in a distant land in less than ten years.
Takes the girl from that land.
Can be the biggest man child
Is the central character in every storyline.
lives in a monotone society
and all the other crap he can do. It's ok kid can look up to that. But when a black guy is the lead or something good (unless he pulls an Alex wilder (yes I'm still mad at the Runaways). People are up in arms saying that they are taking the jobs away or it's too hard to relate too or to write.

Solution to that problem of a POC taking the lead. Do the following.
1. Make the POC powerless and useless. and Show in every way possible (Runaways: Alex Wilder)
2. Make him the evil sinister mole. (again Alex from Runaways)
3. When the opportunity raises, simply take the title away from them and say that they are too hard to write. Then give it to the idiot. (Cassandra Cain from Batgirl)
4. Reduce them till they remain in the background
5. Kill them off, or recon them KKK style.

With these tips you can assure that you Aryan Children can have someone to related to in out all-white comic.

I once told a friend I'll believe it when I see it.


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